Welcome to the Verde Medical Ltd.
 Welcome to the Verde Medical Ltd.

We are a biotechnology and distribution company, dealing with the implementation of innovation; new biotechnological solutions; for use in medicine, 
pharmacy and many other biotechnological applications in various branches of industry and agriculture.

We implement the practical applications of new medical procedures and innovative health products (medical devices, therapeutic devices physical medicine, medicines in the OTC, nutritional supplements) and new biomedical technologies and biotechnology.

In these areas we have many years experience of the procedures to large number of patients with diseases of civilization or recipients of our services in the use of technology.

Our company licenses their use and implementation.

Our team consists of physicians, biochemists, scientists and managers.

We are involved with:

1 / medical procedures of combination therapies for chronic pain Sine Dolore- Painless - Concept;

2 / therapeutic procedures consisting in electrostimulations of transdermal administration of drugs HomeoAcuStim;

3 / procedures for immunotherapy of malignant diseases, allergies, autoimmune disorders and infections (reinfections) using the concept of therapeutic Verde Concept;

4 / the optimization and improvement of the technology of bacterial growth in fermenters, reactors, wastewater treatment plants and soil, including the optimization of the production of the final biomaterials from bacterial cultures (antibiotics, amino acids, therapeutic active substances, polymeric substances, etc.). EctoPure Technology;

We distribute various elements of the medical procedures:

-  medical devices,
-  OTC drugs group,
-  supplements (dietary supplements),
-  physical medicine equipment.

The second field of our innovative activity is the EctoPure Technology - as industry and agriculture technology to support of plants growth.

We have a new, unique technology for improvement and optimization

1 / soil structures through the impact on soil microbial processes in the soil with agricultural crops, horticultural,
2 / fermentation processes in biological wastewater treatment plants,
3 / improvement of fermentation processes in winemaking, brewing, cheese-making, etc..

We are the first and so far the only biotech company in the world developing this technology and offering it for commercial implementation.

Participants in the project, through its application, will participate in its further development, yielding the possibility of its use at home in the company generating profits for themselves due to the added value brought by the use of ectopur & # Xae; and all the belonging know-how.

We invite you to cooperation ! 



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